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Vechea foarfecă electrică


I still have the hairdresser I bought in the early sixties.It is accompanied by my growth and the development of my family. Although there is an electric push in my home, I always loathe to discard the manual rusted push, and still collect it like a treasure.

Seeing it was like going back to my childhood.

In the 1960s, when my brothers and I were all young, a visit to the barbershop cost 0.5 yuan per person and 1.5 yuan per month for three boys.It's not a lot, but it's not a lot for a family with one earner and eight to spend.

As my siblings and I grew older, the basic costs of food and clothing increased, and my brothers and sisters wore patched clothes until 1966.The tuition and miscellaneous fees, books also increase with the grade rise.

In order to save the family expenses, my father bought this hair clipper and let us learn to cut each other's hair.My brother was young at the time, so the task of cutting hair naturally fell to my brother and me.I went to the barber shop many times to steal a teacher to learn skills, carefully see how the barber master haircut, remember, back home now sell now, began to practice in the brother's head haircut.

Handle the management of the technology to improve, brother's hair long, can be cut at any time.My father saw the improvement of our hairdressing skills and asked us to cut his hair as well, so that we could save 1.5 yuan for the family.